Mexican Cuisine

The Mexican cuisine has its thousands of years of history as was written. It is no surprise that they had already developed many recipes that we can also taste at this time. The early people have made recipes using the local produce that they have as they also flourished in agriculture except when the time that there are drought and other things that had given them challenges. The early ways of cooking have been modified as the influence of others have made it like that.

They have the common agricultural produce that includes beans,  agave, amaranth, vanilla, chia,  tomatoes, tomatillos, chocolate,  turkey, cactus,  avocados, beetroot, corn, sweet potato, squash, and chili pepper. These are the vegetables they have learned to cook in many ways and they are the ones available for them. Then the Spanish have also introduced their own cuisine when they conquered the empire of the Aztecs. They are the ones who teach them meat from animals that are domesticated. This includes meat of pork, beef, sheep, and chicken.

They also introduced rice and other dairy products. The Spanish cannot impose their own way when it comes to the cuisine so they just introduce them foods from their own style. There is the influence also of Asian and African cuisine and it is now part of the Mexican cuisine. They have basic ingredients in the way of cooking in Mexico but it has also its variations in different regions. That is why you can be able to taste them when you travel.