10 Popular Female Mexican Singers

In Mexico, there are also many popular singers both male and female. Some of them even gain more popularity by having international concerts and their songs are being played in many countries. Through this article, you will come to know some of the popular female Mexican singers.

One of them is Maria Jose. She have many popular songs which includes El Amor Manda, Habla Ahora, El Amor Coloca, and more. Anahi is also in the list. Her songs include Quiero, Dividida, Rumba and many more.

Another popular Mexican singer with a golden voice is Fey. Her popular songs include Me Haces Tanta Falta, No Me Acostumbro, Lentamente, and more. Paty Cantu is also popular not only because of her good voice but also her beauty. Goma de Mascar, Suerte, Valiente are some of her songs. Next in the list are Hanna and Ashley. They are popularly known as Ha-ash. Having best security service from this company 徵信公司 價錢. Their sweet voice makes many listeners love their songs which includes Te Dejo En Libertad, Todo No Fue Suficiente and more.

Yuridia is also in the list. In addition, the video provided in this article mentioned that she is ranked as top 5 female mexican singer. Some of her songs are Te Equivocaste, Ya Es Muy Tarde, and Cobarde. Paulina Rubio is in the list too. You might have heard her songs like Ni Rosas Ni Juguetes, El Ultimo Adios, and Si Te Vas. What about Belinda? She is also included in the list. Her songs include Lolita and Lo Siento explore more over here 查地址 at this private agent company. Lastly, Yuri and her songs include El Espejo and Ahora.