Food And Festival

There are times that we prepare food and serve them only when an occasion comes. Around the world, there is food that is tied to the events like birthday or marriage day. There are also the ones that are only served when there is a festival. In this page, we would also know the Mexican food and its relationship to the festivals. It is evident that they are tied up as it was even named as the considered intangible heritage in according to the culture of people.

It was given by the UNESCO.

One of the characteristics of the food that is being served in the Mexican family is that they are prepared and served in accordance with the event or gathering. They invest much in it and carefully prepare the food as it is the form of socialization for them. Through food, they could maintain a good relationship. At the time of their preparation, they are checked if they are in the best taste. that is worthy to be served and enjoyed together.

Some foods are that are tied to festivals includes mole and tamales. They are prepared and offered to the dead could be able to see it also. There could be differences of serving and preparing of food in different regions. The mole and tamales are food that is not easy to prepare, that is why they are served at the certain special times. Examples of it are for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions.